Update submodules
[cloogle-irc.git] / cloogleirc.icl
2018-04-03 Mart Lubbersupdate bot to work with clean-selectloop
2017-12-18 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'interface-improvements'
2017-12-18 Mart Lubbersmake up to date
2017-12-18 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'interface-improvements' of github.com...
2017-12-13 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'master' of github.com:clean-cloogle/clean-irc
2017-12-13 Mart Lubbers.
2017-12-13 Mart LubbersUpdate
2017-10-08 Camil StapsSupport for SyntaxResult
2017-09-13 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'interface-improvements' of github.com...
2017-09-13 Camil StapsSeveral interface improvements
2017-09-13 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'makefile-cleanup' of github.com:clean...
2017-09-13 dopefishhMerge pull request #15 from clean-cloogle/no-results...
2017-09-12 Camil StapsSeveral interface improvements
2017-09-12 Camil StapsMerge branch 'master' into no-results-response
2017-09-12 Camil StapsBetter no results response (resolves #3)
2017-07-25 dopefishhMerge pull request #13 from clean-cloogle/pr-better...
2017-07-25 Mart Lubbersadd stdout logging
2017-07-24 Mart Lubberscompiles, but doesn't work, probably strictness?
2017-07-18 Mart Lubberschange start signature
2017-07-18 Mart Lubbersanother try
2017-07-18 Mart Lubbersattempt better output, uniqueness error
2017-07-18 dopefishhMerge pull request #11 from clean-cloogle/ctcp-ping
2017-07-13 Camil StapsAdd CTCP ping
2017-07-13 Camil StapsFix notices (only for private messages; channels get...
2017-07-13 dopefishhMerge pull request #9 from clean-cloogle/notice
2017-07-13 Camil StapsUse NOTICE instead of PRIVMSG
2017-07-13 Mart Lubbersadd nickserv and a cli. Fix #2