add nickserv and a cli. Fix #2
[cloogle-irc.git] / test.icl
2017-07-13 Mart LubbersMerge branch 'master' of
2017-07-13 Mart Lubbersfix printing of numeric reply
2017-07-12 Mart Lubbersfix message parsing without prefix
2017-07-12 Mart Lubbersremove tests
2017-07-12 Mart Lubbersremove submodules'
2017-07-12 Mart LubbersGeneric parsing and printing
2017-03-11 Mart Lubbersupdate
2017-03-05 Mart Lubberschanged JOIN adt
2017-03-05 Mart Lubbersworking test program for the clooglebot
2017-03-05 Mart Lubbersdefine the constants and messages